This Hot Runner TC5100 is One single temperature controller which has Module section 15A 2 zone / 30A 1 zone and Adjustable user perspective: 110°~145°. Maintenance operations can be simplified with its modularized device design and requirement-based configuration.

Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller-TC5100

  • Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller-TC5100


    • Adjustable user perspective: 110°~145°
    • Rack type cabinet design
    • USB port
    • 7” TFT SVGA LCD
    • NAND Flash 8M +128M
    • Module section 15A 2 zone / 30A 1 zone
    • The module plug-in designed for maintains easily

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  • Automatic ID recognition
  • PID auto temperature control
  • Editable zone name (auto/manual)
  • Automatic shutdown for heater abnormality
  • Current, output percentage display function
  • Fast alternative for 230V/380V power input
  • Easy swapping for individual module failures
  • Follower function for thermocouple disconnection
  • 8 curves display (temperature, output percentage)
  • Synchronized temperature raising/lowering
  • Module memory (internal and external USB drive)
  • Internal alarm buzzer (with alarm sound stop switch)
  • Detection for heater open and short circuits
  • RS485 communication function: ASCII and RTU mode
  • To protect the power source input wrong witting and less phase
  • Selectable two output trigger modes (Phase angle / Zero cross)
  • Temperature range: Thermocouple K TYPE:0~600°C(32~999°F)/J TYPE:0~600°C(32~999°F)
  • Self diagnosis log: (current, voltage, heater impedance, power, thermocouple, heater, fuse, TRIAC status)
  • Group setup function
  • Auto/Manual function
  • Web based file output function (USB)
  • Selectable six alarm modes
  • Load Power Usage display per zone
  • Detection for fuse breakage
  • Setting for output percentage limit
  • Power balance detection and display
  • Thermocouple break and inverse detect
  • Selectable two thermocouple types (J/K)
  • Selectable two temperature scales (°C/°F)

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