This Hot Runner TC5100 is One single temperature controller which has Wiring Friendly design, can easily swap for individual module failures, and compact size, light weight, installed directly on the injection molding machine.


Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller-TC500

  • TC500


    • Wiring Friendly design
    • Easy swapping for individual module failures
    • Compact size, light weight, installed directly on the injection molding machine
    • Automatic ID recognition
    • Fast alternative for 230V / 380V power input
    • Built-in NFB switch

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  • Built-in NFB switch
  • Auto/Manual function
  • PID auto temperature control
  • Current, output percentage display function
  • Setting for output percentage limit
  • Heat sink temperature detection
  • Selectable two thermocouple types (J / K)
  • Selectable two temperature scales (°C / °F)
  • Selectable six alarm modes
  • Selectable two output trigger modes (Phase angle / Zero cross)
  • Temperature range: Thermocouple K TYPE:0~600°C(32~999°F) / J TYPE:0~600°C(32~999°F)
  • RS485 communication function: ASCII and RTU mode
  • Thermocouple break and inverse detect
  • Detection for heater open and short circuits
  • Detection fuse breakage
  • Automatic shutdown for heater abnormality
  • Automatic switch to manual mode if thermocouple breaks

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