Gefran 650 PID Controller

  • Gefran 650 PID Controller


Dimension: 48x48mm, depth 80mm
    • Operator interface with large LCD Display, customizable, with choice of colors
    • Scrolling diagnostics messages, configurable, in the selected language
    • Easy, guided configuration, copy/paste parameters even with power off
    • Preventive maintenance with energy counters (kWh) and load switching
    • 16 function block applications
    • Timer, setpoint and algorithm programmer for controlling motorized valves
    • Advanced tuning of control parameters
    • Different password levels
    • Universal input configurable for thermocouples, resistance thermometers, linear inputs
    • Remote setpoint input
    • Relay, logic, isolated analog outputs
    • Up to two CT inputs for interrupted load diagnostics
    • RS485 serial communication in Modbus RTU
    • Removable faceplate for immediate replacement
    • Sampling time 60ms

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