Hot Runner Temperature Controller Chassis Series-TC5T

  • TC5T 6 Zones


    • Simple designs
    • Stackable design, installation space saved
    • The handle can be hidden
    • Built-in NFB switch
    • Fan built-in for heat sink
    • Fast alternative for 230V/380V power input
    • Euro type multi-pole connector apply, the quality stable
    • Terminal and wire crimped by auto machine, the quality stable
    • Universal standardized chassis for any brand of module

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TC5T TC5T-1  (2 zones) TC5T-2 (4 zones) TC5T-4 (8 zones) TC5T-6 (12 zones)
Type T5B02 T5B04 T5B06 T5B08
Power Switch Capacity(A) 32 32 63 63
Output Connector 16pins x1 16pins x1 16pins x2 24pins x2
Power Cable 5.5mm² x 5C x 3M 5.5mm² x 5C x 3M 8mm² x 5C x 3M 8mm² x 5C x 3M
Easy Input Switching Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimension W x H x D (mm) 100 x 192 x 301 179 x 214 x 329 281 x 214 x 329 383 x 214 x 329

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