Hot Runner Temperature Controller-TC50

  • Hot Runner Temperature Controller-TC50
  • Hot Runner Temperature Controller-TC50


    • HMI: 7”LCD display with touch panel
    • Detecting the leakage of material
    • Group setup function
    • Mold Memory
    • Power balance detection and display
    • Synchronous heat up and cool down
    • Self diagnosis log

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1. Thermocouple type: J/K
2. Temperature unit: ℃/℉
3. Heating mode selectable
4. The maximum drive current is 15 ampere for each zone
5. Temperature PID control
6. Zero cross/Phase angle output trigger modes
7. Auto detect the frequency of power source
8. The current detect and display
9. The output with auto/manual setting
10. The soft-start for dehumidification
11. Boost
12. Standby 
13. Output mode: Stop/Manual/Slave/continually selectable when Thermo-coupler broken
14. Overload protection for electric Overload protect for heating output
15. The protect mode of power source when wrong input
16. Auto shutdown when abnormal work on module
17. The fast fuse used to protect TRIAC

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