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  • type of thermocouple:Single element thermocouple type 'K' or 'J' according to IEC 584 class 2 (ASTM E 230)
  • Type of construction:With densely packed magnesium oxide insulation and ungrounded hot junction
  • Sheath material of Thermocouple K:INCONEL 600
  • Sheath material of Thermocouple J:AISI 304
  • Maximum temperature of operation of the sensing junction is 600°C
  • Maximum temperature of operation of the transition pot is 300°C
  • Sheath diameter 'd':d=1±0.1mm / d=1.5±0.1mm
  • Minimum bending radius:Three times the outer diameter
  • Extension cable:Cable type "K" or "J" according to ANSI MC 96.1 (IEC 584) 2 wire cable AWG 24 stranded PTFE + Kapton Kapton
  • Insulation resistance:Rmin=100MOhm a 100Vdc

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