TC5V Valve Gate Controller-2 Zones

  • TC5V Valve Gate Controller-2 Zones


    • Multiple Touch-off signal options ( AC220 / 110 / DC24 / Switch type )
    • Multiple output voltage options ( AC220 / 110 / DC24 / Relay / MOS Relay )
    • Time display is adjustable to the first digit after the decimal point
    • Stopwatch can be either accumulative or countdown
    • Three optional control modes
    • Optional pressure retaining mode
    • MOS Relay extension of working life
    • Mechanical Relay ( up to 600 mA ) is optional

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TC5V Model
Panel measurement 50*176mm
Display 7-Section tube 0.4*4*2
Power switch Manual dial type
Input power AC230 (50/60Hz)
Trigger voltage (Must jump JP), AC110 (50/60Hz), AC230 (50/60Hz), DC24, Switch (DC24)
Output power (must jump JP), AC110(RELAY/electronic switch 4VA), AC230 (RELAY,2A/electronic switch 600mA),DC24 (RELAY/electronic switch 4W), RELAY-2A/electronic switch-600mA (either one)
Keys 5 keys (select/confirm, manual output, plus, minus, time setting)
Function display lamps A/B mode lamp, OPEN lamp, SIGNAL lamp, pressure retaining lamp, manual output lamp

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