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Gefran GRP-H Single-phase solid state relay with Advanced Diagnostic, up to 120A

  • Gefran GRP-H Single-phase solid state relay with Advanced Diagnostic, up to 120A


    • The ability to propose customized control solutions allows to rapidly satisfy the most different automation needs. For this purpose, the GRP series provides a wide range of extremely compact SSRs, with a solid basic structure but scalable as current sizes (from 15A to 120A), control type and configuration features.

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  • Control
    An accurate process control is the condition to achieve a constant and a high-quality production. To reach this goal it is necessary to manage in the best way the different types of industrial heaters from linear resistances to infrared lamps. For this purpose, the new series of SSR provides a series of control functionalities (ZC/ /BF/HSC/PA/Softstart) fully configurable to adapt to the various needs.
  • Diagnostics
    Preventing possible anomalies allows to limit or eliminate harmful downtime and production. The GRP series includes dedicated functions such as the HB alarm for partial load breakage with accuracy of 1/8 of the total load, SCR short circuit, overtemperature and power failure.
  • IO-Link communication
    Factory digitization is reaching its final frontier, the field level of the automation pyramid. In this level IO-Link is confirming itself as the most suitable communication to easily reach devices such as sensors and actuators. From this perspective, the GRP series has been developed to be integrated within this automation architecture.
  • NFC configuration
    Simple and safe commissioning, maintenance and quick diagnostics are now within the capabilities of devices like SSR. All this thanks to the NFC technology, which allows to extend the user interface using normal Smartphone or Tablet as intelligent configurators. Thanks to an intuitive graphical user interface, setup or diagnostics are particularly easy.

  • Ultra-compact dimensions from 15A to 120A
  • Load voltage 480V, 600VAC
  • DIN rail and panel mounting
  • IO-Link digital comunication
  • Zero voltage crossing (Zero Crossing) or Phase angle control.
  • On/Off control, optimised/fixed cycle time, HalfSingleCycle, PhaseAngle, softstart ramps.
  • Input command from V DC, Analogue signal (0..5V, 0..10V, 0..20mA, 4..20mA, potentiometer) or IO-Link logic.
  • Connectors for push-in control signals; signal LED.
  • Configuration and diagnostics via smartphone app with NFC technology.
  • Alarm threshold calibration by button or digital input.
  • Compact versions with expanded i2 t.
  • Cage clamps for power cables
  • Advanced diagnostic option with partial load break (up to 8 loads in parallel), current measurement and energy meters.
  • Internal over voltage protection
  • Integrated cooling fan power option.

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