Vector inverter for lifts with synchronous/asynchronous motors ADL300

  • Vector inverter for lifts with synchronous/asynchronous motors ADL300


    • The SIEIDrive ADL300 is the result of GEFRAN’s experience in the civil lift engineering sector, gained from its commitment to working in close partnership with leading operators in the sector to develop technical solutions and application programs.
    • The ADL300 integrates the most complete and advanced lift inverter technology, for maximum synergy with the full range of installation requirements but, above all, to offer a cost-effective and immediate solution for lift control systems.

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  • Power supply 3ph:
  • 230 - 400 - 480 Vac -15% +10%, 50/60Hz ±5% (ADL300-4)
  • 200 - 230Vac ±10%, 50/60Hz ±2% (ADL300-2T)
  • Power supply 1ph: 200Vac -10% ... 230Vac +10%, 50/60Hz ±2% (ADL300-2M)
  • Motor ratings from 4kW (5Hp) to 75kW (100Hp)
  • Motor ratings from 1.1kW to 5.5kW (ADL300-2M)
  • Designed for new installations and retrofitting
  • Speed range from 0,5 to 4 m/sec
  • Marks: CE. UL and cUL
  • The ADL300 is available in two configurations: ADL300 Basic / ADL300 Advanced
  • For Geared and Gearless systems
  • Management of synchronous and asynchronous motors: the operating mode is selectable via parameter
  • Internal EMC filter (EN 12015, first environment, category C2)
  • Maximum output frequency 300Hz
  • Integrated braking module (up to 55kW size ADL300-4; up to 30kW size ADL300-2T)
  • Integrated RS232 serial communication with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Autotuning of motor parameters and automatic phasing for brushless motors.
  • Overload capability up to 200%
  • Common field bus interfaces: DCP3, DCP4 e CAN
  • PC programming SW for easy drive configuration
  • Emergency power failure condition (with 230VAC single-phase UPS or buffer battery with EMS module)
  • This compact drive is suitable for installation in cabinets for roomless applications.

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