Vector inverter for lifts with asynchronous motors ADL100

  • Vector inverter for lifts with asynchronous motors ADL100


    • Derived from the ADL200, the ADL100 series is the "Entry level" range for simple, low-speed systems:
    • For asynchronous motors only
    • control: Advanced V/f SSC (Sensorless Scalar Control) – SLS – FOC (*)
    • (*) digital encoder card in ADL120 versions only
    • Simplified I/O configuration
    • optional external EMC filter
    • SD card and fieldbus not available
    • terminal strips are not extractable.

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  • Power supply 3ph: 230 - 400 - 460/480 Vac ±10%, 50/60Hz ±10%
  • Motor ratings from 4kW (5Hp) to 45kW (60Hp)
  • Designed for New installations and Retrofitting
  • Speed range from 0,5 to 1,2 m/sec
  • Marks: CE. UL and cUL
  • For Geared systems
  • Control modes: Field-oriented vector control - Sensorless vector control - SSC (Sensorless Scalar Control) (default).
  • Maximum output frequency 300Hz
  • Integrated braking module
  • Integrated RS232 serial communication with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Wireless module for remote interfacing with Bluetooth ® devices.
  • 6 programmable analogue-digital I/O in PNP and/or NPN logic
  • Autotuning of motor parameters.
  • Overload capability up to 200%
  • PC programming SW for easy drive configuration
  • Emergency power failure condition (with 230VAC single-phase UPS or buffer battery with EMS module)
  • Multilingual alphanumerical programming keypad (optional)

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