V/f inverter ADV20

  • V/f inverter ADV20


    • The Inverter SIEIDrive – ADV20 series concentrates all the characteristics required by modern industrial processes in a single product while at the same time complying with the typical needs of installers and system integrators who require forefront, practical solutions that are, above all, advantageous in terms of space and cost.
    • The ADV20, compact, functional and complete with high level functions and specific solutions for configuration of the most modern control systems, is the ideal solution to cater to the wide range of different application requirements of the automation sector

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  • Power supply: 115-230V 1ph and 460V 3ph (±10%), 50/60Hz (±5%)
  • Motor ratings from 0.4kW (0.5Hp) to 3.7kW (5.0Hp)
  • Certifications: CE, UL and cUL
  • Regulation control mode: SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) control (V/f control)
  • Output frequency: 0.1 ~ 600Hz
  • EMC Filter integrated (for models 230V 1-phase and 460V 3-phase)
  • RFI-switch for IT mains
  • Torque Characteristics: starting torque can be 150% at 5.0Hz
  • Overload Endurance: 150% of rated current for 1 minute
  • Accel/Decel Time: 0.1 to 600 seconds (2 Independent settings for Accel/Decel time)
  • DC Braking: Operation frequency 0.1-600.0Hz, output 0-100% rated current Start time 0-60 seconds, stop time 0-60 seconds
  • 1 Analogue Inputs (0-10V/4-20mA)
  • 1 Multifunction Analogue Outputs (0-10V)
  • 6 Digital Inputs (PNP / NPN)
  • 1 Relay Outputs, form C/change-over contact
  • Keypad included (6-key, 7-segment LED with 4-digit, 4 status LEDs, master frequency, output frequency, output current, custom units, parameter values for setup and lock, faults, RUN, STOP, RESET, FWD/REV)
  • RS-485 communication interface (RJ-45) with Modbus protocol
  • Interfacing with the more common field bus: ProfiBus, CANopen, DeviceNet, and LonWorks (optional modules)
  • Easy DC BUS sharing
  • IP20 protection degree

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