Temperature Module


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specifications Temperature Expansion Module(Iron shell-NPN) Temperature Expansion Module(plastic shell-NPN) Temperature Expansion Module(plastic shell-PNP)
System Voltage 12VDC/150mA 12VDC/150mA 12VDC/150mA
Load Output Voltage 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC
Power Consumption 1.8W 1.8W 1.8W
Heater/Cooling Output NPN NPN PNP
Temperature IN 8 zones 8 zones 8 zones
Communication Mode RS485 RS485 RS485
Heater the max output current 400mA 400mA 400mA
Cooling the max output current 400mA 400mA 400mA
Output short circuit protection X Only Heater X
The max Extend module 15 modules(MAX=120) 15 modules(MAX=120) 15 modules(MAX=120)

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