Gefran TK General purpose

  • Gefran TK General purpose


    • Volt or mA output
    • Ranges from: 0...3 to 0...500 bar and ranges from -1...+1 to -1...+10 bar (0...50 psi to 0...7500 psi and -15...+15 psi to -15...+100 psi)
    • Output signal 4...20mA 2-wires / 0,1...5,1Vdc / 0,1...10,1Vdc / 0...5Vdc / 0...10Vdc / 1...5Vdc / 1...10Vdc
    • Protection rating: IP65 / IP67

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  • Gefran TK transmitters are based on the extensimetric thick film measuring principle.
  • Thanks to highly stable electronic components, these transmitters can be used in applications requiring longdistance signal transmission or in smart control systems.
  • Gefran TK pressure transmitters are designed mainly to measure pressure in oil, air, and hydraulic circuits.
  • They can also be used in the technical and process measurement application as well as for compressors, presses and mobile hydraulic.

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