Sensorless vector inverter ADV80

  • Sensorless vector inverter ADV80


    • The ADV80 series brings together in a single product all the features required in modern industrial processes, to satisfy the demands of OEM and System integrators who require advanced and practical technical solutions. The series is particularly advantageous in terms of space and cost.
    • Compact and functional, the ADV80 has been engineered and built in order to realise in a flexible and efficient way all the different application requirements in the field of automation, integrating advanced functions and system configuration solutions, which before were only possible through external options.

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  • Supply: 3 x 400V…480V 50/60Hz
  • Motor powers from 0.37kW (0.5Hp) up to 22kW (30Hp)
  • Protection degree IP20
  • Marks: CE. UL, cUL (in certification phase)
  • Output frequency 500Hz
  • Integrated braking module
  • Speed feedback with closed loop through encoder (option)
  • Digital I/O logic control in PNP and/or NPN configuration
  • 2 Differential analog inputs ±10V (or current)
  • 2 Analog outputs (voltage or current)
  • 5 Digital inputs
  • 2 Digital outputs (1 static and 1 relays)
  • Overload up to 150% in accordance with IEC146-1-1 Class 2
  • Integrated programming keypad
  • RS485 Serial line (Modbus protocol)
  • Interfacing with fieldbus protocol as: ProfiBus – CANopen®– DeviceNet
  • Integrated CANOpen/DeviceNet version
  • GF-eXpress Programming Software.

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