SY Slim Strong Relay

  • SY Slim Strong Relay


    • 2-Thyristor design, high voltage and current resistance
    • Built-in thermal pad that avoids installation problems or quality concerns
    • Super slim figure that takes minimal space in the frame
    • Photo coupler isolation for IN / OUT, maximum 4000VAC
    • Built-in dv / dt protection
    • 2-Level signal inputs, low current input
    • Designed for injection / extrusion mould, baking oven and experiment furnace

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  • SY Order code SY-1-2-3
  • 1:Rated voltage

  •    2----AC 50-280V
       4---- AC 100-500V
  • 2:Rated current

  •    025----Max.25A
  • 3:Input type

  •    D---- 4~30VDC input
       A---- 70~280VAC input

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