EASYLINK|IoT injection molding

  • EASYLINK|IoT injection molding
  • EASYLINK|IoT injection molding


    IoT injection molding|EASYLINK smart system is integrate and processes all data of the machine for these functions:
  • [Production Monitoring]
  • [Quality Management]
  • [Abnormal Inspection]
  • [Smart Management]
  • [ Work order distribution]
  • [ Electronic report]
    The characteristic of production management, advance the function is include the real-time video monitor, e-mail or LINE communication software notification function, and machine / operator management, and intelligent management to solve the difficulty of the factory management. The Internet of Things for injection molding system|EASYLINK will merge and process all the data on your plastic injection related machines to provide the above six major IoT functions.

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EASYLINK|the solution on Iot injection molding

The Iot injection molding system "EASYLINK" will integrate and process all of your plastic injection data on related machines, providing six major IoT functions, and use cloud computing, smart devices and other technologies to send important messages with email , LINE app communicating software, effectively strengthen the efficiency of your whole plant qeuipment.

ARICO|Pioneer developer on injection molding machine IoT

With the advent of the Industry 4.0 era, Our Internet of Things for injection molding machine service "EASYLINK(IOT)", that is not only designed to improve the production efficiency of plastic injection factories. IoT for injection molding system also integrates data from all injection machine manufacturers, and that have also added e-mail and LINE app real-time notification functions, allowing plant machine operator and manager to quickly grasp the information, providing customized modules according to customer needs, such as production monitoring, quality management, abnormal inspection, smart management, distribution of order list. EASYLINK is the best solution on plastic or rubber injection molding machine IoT, blow molding enterprise management when needing a injection molding machine IoT management system, and smart manufacturing.

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