GT-C PC based panel mounted control

  • GT-C PC based panel mounted control


    • GT-C is an extremely powerful, modular, PC based, panel mounted control.
    • The application programs for the user interface screens and machine operating cycle (soft-logic) run on the GT-C.
    • GT-C is based on an Intel™ Celeron™ 400 MHz processor, which may be substituted with either a Pentium™III-M 800 MHz or a Pentium™M 1,1 GHz new generation processor equipped with Intel™ Centrino™ technology.
    • This particular architecture, based on the ETX standard, allows for ongoing upgrading of the product to keep pace with changes in technology.
    • All the processors are of the low voltage, low consumption type that do not require individual cooling fans, thus the GT-C can even be placed in severe environments.
    • The GT-C can be equipped with a solid state, mass storage memory of the DOM type, or a 2.5” HD for improved configuration depending on the application utilised.
    • Thanks to the full range of available ports, namely Ethernet, USB, serial, parallel, PS/2 etc., GT-C can connect with the various peripherals that are currently in use in the industrial field.
    • If to this we add the optional customised interfaces, and the standard PCI, PC104 and PCMCIA expansion slots, a particularly broad spectrum of connectivity is achieved.
    • Amongst the available interfaces are those for CAN, CANOpen, DeviceNet and Profibus, as well as the RS422/485 serial line expansions for Modbus.
    • The GT-C supports LCD TFT 10,4” and 12,1” colour displays, both offering 800x600 pixel resolution.
    • It is also possible to install an optional touch screen membrane.
    • The standard GT-C version is equipped with a keyboard panel with groups of programmable keys.
    • 8 function keys under the display and 23 programmable keys for different screens; 20 keys are configured with customisable graphics on removable labels, 49 keys configured with status LEDs for management of machine commands, with customisable graphics on removable labels and 6 monitoring LEDs, as well as a customisable customer logo on removable labels.
    • For memorising machine data, the front panel is equipped with a USB connection for the Pen drive offered as one of the available accessories.

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