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Gefran GRM-H Compact single phase Power Controller up to 120A

  • Gefran GRM-H Compact single phase Power Controller up to 120A


    • The need of manufacturers and users of heat treatment plants is to maintain precise and constant control of the process with the goal of obtaining a constant quality of production while optimizing energy consumption.
    • The features of GRM-H Series Power Controllers ensure efficient heating management even in the case of complex electrical loads, which require special features, as in the case of infrared lamps or Silicon Carbide heating elements.

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  • Control
    The availability of several configurable firing modes (ZC, BF, FT, HSC, PA) combined with features that ensure stable energy delivery to the load such as compensation for mains voltage fluctuations or aging of heating elements allow efficient temperature management resulting in energy optimization of the process.
  • IO-Link communication
    Factory digitization is now reaching its final frontier, the field level of industrial automation. At this level IO-Link is proving to be the most suitable communication to easily reach devices such as sensors and actuators. In this scenario, the GRM-H series can become a valuable source of process data, useful for the development of modern automation strategies such as predictive maintenance or machine learning.
  • NFC configuration
    Simple and safe commissioning, fast maintenance and diagnostics are a requirement today for devices such as Power Controllers. The GRM-H series, thanks to NFC technology, makes it possible to extend user interaction by using standard Smartphones or Tablets as smart configurators. Thanks to a graphical and intuitive interface, setup or diagnostics are particularly intuitive.
  • Ultra-compact dimensions from 10A to 120A.
  • Load voltage 480V, 600V AC.
  • DIN rail and panel mounting.
  • IO-Link and Modbus RTU digital comunication.
  • Current limiting.
  • Feedback V, I, V2 , I2 , P, Z.
  • Control output for Slave (2PH, 3PH).
  • Opzione ad elevata accuratezza di controllo.
  • Zero voltage crossing (Zero Crossing) or Phase angle control.
  • On/Off control, optimised/fixed cycle time, HalfSingleCycle, PhaseAngle, softstart ramps.
  • Input command, Analogue signal (0..5V, 0..10V, 0..20mA, 4..20mA, potentiometer),PWM or IO-Link logic.
  • Signal LED.
  • Configuration and diagnostics via smartphone app with NFC technology.
  • Calibration and alarm reset commands via DI.
  • 2 outputs : PNP and dry contact, completely configurable.
  • Cage clamps for power cables.
  • Advanced load diagnostics.
  • Internal over voltage protection Integrated cooling fan power option.

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