• GF_VEDO SL 70CT - V70CT


    • The integrated Controller and Operator Panel allows the complete management of automation. Available in 3 versions (6 models), and equipped with a powerful 400 MHz processor.
    • It is destined mainly to operate in an industrial environment on the control panels of production process machines or processes.
    • The operator interacts through a colour touch screen. Depending on the model, the size of the screen is 3.5” or 7” wide.
    • As an option, the device can be equipped with programmable function buttons.
    • Thanks to its numerous communication ports (some of which are optional), it is possible to connect a wide range of devices to the controller, such as computers, barcode readers, USB sticks, modems, printers, etc., and connect it to an Ethernet network.
    • The remote input and output modules (CAN-IO/GILOGIK II) are connected by bus to the CAN port (CANopen).
    • Other CANopen standard compliant devices can also be connected to the bus.

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  • PLC + HMI in one product
  • Integrated Ethernet port
  • Wide availability of communication ports
  • A single programming environment

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