Field-oriented vector inverter ADV200

  • Field-oriented vector inverter ADV200


    • The new inverter series “SIEIDrive ADV200” represents an innovative concept in drive technology, as a result of the constant technological research and of the experience that the Gefran Group has acquired keeping a constant presence aside that of the major sector players.
    • The new range has been engineered and developed to satisfy the real needs of System Integrators and OEM’s in order to provide them the best innovations and economical competitiveness in the international markets.
    • Based on full mechanical modularity and on a powerful, intuitive and “fully open” programming platform, ADV200 offers absolute integration flexibility with high-end performance in any system architectures of the most advanced automation environments.

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  • * Mains supply:
  • - 3 x 380…500Vac, 50/60Hz (-4 models )
  • - 3 x 690Vac, 50/60Hz (-6 models )
  • - 450…750Vdc (-DC-4 models)
  • - 600…1120Vdc (-DC-6 models)
  • Motor ratings from 0.75kW (1Hp) to 1,2MW (1600Hp)
  • Certifications: CE. UL, cUL
  • Regulation control modes: FOC with Speed feedback, FOC open loop, V/F
  • Max Output frequency 600Hz
  • DC Choke integrated
  • EMC Filter integrated
  • Dynamic Braking Module integrated up to 75kW
  • Overload according with IEC146 Class 1 and Class 2
  • Heavy duty and Light duty overload management
  • Up to 4 options on board
  • Safety Stop card in accordance with EN 954-1 (Cat.3)
  • Multilanguage programming software (5 languages)
  • Advanced PLC according to the IEC61131-3 Standard
  • Basic PLC Integrated
  • Alphanumeric programming keypad
  • 2 Bipolar Analogue Inputs (Voltage/Current)
  • 2 Bipolar Analogue Outputs (1: Voltage/Current, 1: Voltage)
  • 6 Digital Inputs (PNP / NPN)
  • 2 Digital Outputs (PNP / NPN)
  • 2 Relay Outputs, single contact
  • RS485 Serial Line (Modbus RTU protocol)
  • Interfacing with the more common field bus: ProfiBus, CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet real.time GDNet
  • IP20 protection degree as standard

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