FT HMI Controller

  • FT HMI Controller
  • FT HMI Controller
  • FT HMI Controller


    • Full touch-capacitive HMI can use VNC viewer to monitor the HMI screen and remote to update the program.
    • FT HMI can display the screen of auxiliary equipment.
    • Connectable with all AR series controllers.
    • Optional independent operation panel.
    • Full touch operation, action keys can be programmed by software.
    • Suitable for injection Molding Machine, Extruder Machine, Blow Molding Machine.

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  • The FT Human-Machine Interface (HMI) allows for remote monitoring and control of machinery, as well as program updates and maintenance. It is ideal for long-running production lines and can display necessary information and data on the HMI screen to quickly identify and solve problems, increasing production efficiency.
  • It can connect and operate with the AR series mainframe, and an independent motion control panel can be optionally selected to meet different operating environments and user requirements.
  • The FT HMI is operated by touch, with customizable action buttons arranged through software for increased convenience.
  • It is suitable for various types of machinery, and through communication, auxiliary machine parameters can be configured, all controlled through the same HMI interface, saving cost and time.
  • 15.6"/17.3"/21.5" LCD
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Fanless design
  • In-built Wi-Fi
  • Front Panel IP65 protection class
  • 2G DDR3 RAM, 32G SSD ROM
  • Industrial grade aluminum alloy structure
  • Capacitive touch panel

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