Ceramic Band Heater

  • Ceramic Band Heater


    ARICO|Customed Ceramic Band Heater manufacturer

    Arico is a global customed Ceramic Band Heater manufacturer and supplier, dedicated to improving the thermal insulation, energy saving, service life, durability, ease of installation of Ceramic Band Heater. Mainly providing to India, the United States, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Israel markets at a reasonable price.

    • Thermal insulation
    • Conserves energy
    • Minimum heat loss
    • Easy installation
    • Uniform temperature
    • Better heater life
    • Can be manufactured to your specification
    • Various types of construction & terminations

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Specifications of ARICO Ceramic Band Heater

ARICO accepts various kind of customed ceramic band heater manufacturing commissions. The following is the technical specifications data that we can accept commissioning for manufacturing. If you have other special application fields and specifications requirements data on ceramic band heater, you can write the requirements in the inquiry message, so that the evaluation results and price will be returned to you.

  • Maximum Watt Density: 8 watts / sq. cm.
  • Voltage: 220VAC ~ 480VAC
  • Maximum Temperature: 800 °C
  • Overall Thickness: 15 mm
  • Minimum Dia.: 38 mm
  • Minimum Width: 25 mm
  • Std. gap between edges: 5 ~ 10 mm

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