AR800/AR810 Plastic Machine Controllers

  • AR800/AR810 Plastic Machine Controllers
  • AR800/AR810 Plastic Machine Controllers


Dimension: 184 × 244 × 48.3 mm
    • The integrated innovative wise technology with reliable Distributed Control System contains higher performance. Software combined with State-of-art window screen to provide smart and instinct object-oriented editing style hybrid switching with simple and popular PLC ladder program editor. His high-speed Ethernet communication network link-up between Humanity Interface and remote devices to displaying the future one-stop control advantages!
    • It can be broadly applied to automated machinery control, such as injection molding extruder machine controllers and equipment

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  • It is simple to update all of program via USB memory driver
  • DCS control (HMI and Remote I/O module) for easy access of external device and/or controller
  • Various HMI size options: 7", 8", 10.4" and 12.1" or touch panel(10.4" & 12.1")
  • High speed Ethernet communication between HMI and Remote I/O module
  • RS485 and Ethernet(Optional) Interface
  • State-of-the-art window system HMI Screen Editor design by ARICO
  • PLC ladder editor for process program
  • It is non-industrial personal computer board, because the CPU of PC update very fast, face stop manufacture and version change, software maintain and cost will go high
  • I/O function define self and shift function:
    1. Change the defect I/O to another by setting, to solve problem at once
    2. For some multi function valve, use program control them, it can use one program to apply the timing of the different hydraulic valve in extent permitted
    3. For some multi function valve, use program control them, and collect them to front I/O to save the I/O ports(DO have to consider the 2A/port, 16 ports max. is 10A)
    4. Define different DI、DO、AI、AO for different model machine, no need to modify the wiring, just setting to suitable hardware(example: it can be applied at old machine replace new controller, no need re-wire the all wires)
  • Flip up icon of screen and alarm message
  • PLC Real-Time control
  • The 10 levels control for user
  • The present screen picture can be saved via USB port to external memory device (USB memory device)
Controller AR series FT series
HMI 7"/ 8"/ 10.4"/ 12.1" 15.6"/ 17.3"/ 21.5"
HMI CPU Vesper/ 266 MHz Vela/ 1 GHz 2 GHz
Internet Yes(Optional) Yes Yes
RS-485/ Can RS-485*1 RS-485*1 +
Can*1 or RS-485*2
Wi-Fi X Yes(Optional) Yes
Touch Panel Yes (Optional), Able to expand with a
Touch Panel (10.4"/ 12.1")

Controller AR800/AR810 AR1260 AR1280 AR2000 AR2010 AR2100
PLC CPU 528MHz 266MHz 528MHz 520MHz
Control CPU 72MHz 266MHz 
Time base = 0.25ms
Time base = 0.25ms
Time base = 0.25ms
1. Higher control precision
2. Software can be updated through USB
Temperature PID Control 5 8
DI Digital Input 24 or 23+1 RPM 32 32 32/48
DO Digital Output 24 32 32 32/48
AD Analog Input 16 bit * 3 14 bit * 6 16 bit * 6 16 bit * 6 16 bit * 8
Start/Stop Input X X X X/4 X
FDA Analog Output X/2 12 bit * 5(0~+10V) 12 bit * 5(0~+10V) 12 bit * 4(0~+10V) X
DA Analog Output X 12 bit * 0/2(0~±10V) 12 bit * 0/2(0~±10V) 12 bit * 0/4(0~±10V) 12 bit * 8/12(0~±10V)
PWM Output 3/1 X X 1 X X
RPM Input X 1 3
FPGA X PLC CPU & Control CPU data transmitted through a parallel FPGA connection; allows more precise control accuracy
Controller AR800 AR1260 AR1280 AR2000 AR2010 AR2100
Temperature Module Man-machine communication allows 15 sets of temperature module expansions;
each module includes 8 zones temperature control
I/O Expansion Module X Able to expand 1 module
Able to expand 12 modules; each module
DI/DO*16 (Max=192)
AD Expansion Module X X X 16 bit*8
Encoder Expansion Module X X X 32 bit*4

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